Keep Calm! Your Emergency Dentist in Longmont Can Help You!

March 28, 2017

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Your emergency dentist in Longmont is here for you when you need effective care and fast relief. Kids will be kids. Sometimes, they don’t think about the consequences of their actions thoroughly before doing something that risks their health. You’ve caught yourself wondering “Why?” as your child decides to climb to the top of the monkey bars and riskily balance across them. The youngest members of your family tend to bring lots of excitement and fun to our routine lives, but understandably this makes us parents very nervous! What would you do if your child ends up cracking a tooth innocently playing on the playground? Your emergency dentist in Longmont wants to make sure you are prepared with the information that may save you and your family’s natural teeth!

What’s considered to be a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are anything that requires immediate attention. Some examples include severe toothaches, loose teeth, lost teeth, a soft tissue wound or injury, or abnormal bleeding. Of course, any kind of irregular pain around your face, neck, and mouth areas could also potentially be a dental emergency. Staying calm and knowing what to do during a dental emergency may be the difference between undergoing a minor oral procedure and missing major parts of your dental structure. Our team at Longmont Complete Dental is here to help you during these stressful times, but we also want you to know what to do until you make it to our office. Here is some helpful information on how to treat your major dental emergencies until the necessary medical attention is available.

Broken Teeth

Save any of the pieces of your teeth if they are retrievable. Rinse your mouth out using warm water. If there is any bleeding, apply pressure with gauze to the affected area. Finally, apply a cold compress against the appropriate cheek to combat any swelling that is about to take place. Contact one of our dentists, we can fix this problem with a dental crown!

Knocked-out Teeth

Try your best to retrieve the tooth. Rinse it if it is dirty and if possible, try to put the tooth back in place facing the right way. Never force it into the socket. If it’s not possible to re-insert the tooth in the socket, put the tooth in a small container of milk (or a cup of water containing a pinch of table salt). You have the highest chance of saving your tooth if you keep it moist and see your dentist within an hour of the incident. If you’re unable to save your natural tooth, we have various restorative options that you can explore with our dentists to fix your smile.

Severe Toothaches

Be sure to rinse your mouth with warm water to thoroughly clean it out. Gently use dental floss to remove any food or particles caught between your teeth. Avoid using aspirin on aching teeth or gum issues. Contact our dental office so we can find the root of the problem and safely administer medication to relieve your pain.

Seeking Medical Attention

Other dental emergencies include lost restorations, swelling gums (signs of infection), bitten tongue or lip, or broken jaws. If you ever find yourself or a loved one experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to go to your nearest emergency room if your situation calls for it. For example, if you are experiencing lost teeth due to a deep laceration, treat the cut first to avoid excessive bleeding. Give our office a call after all priority health concerns are cared for. We would be happy to help you explore various options on how to reconstruct your smile. Longmont Complete Dentistry provides patients with quality, personalized care that gives them much-needed relief.

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