Wild Dentist Stories: Child in India Born with Full Grown Teeth!

August 13, 2017

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shocked peopleOn this blog, we usually like to discuss the solutions to dental problems and the latest dental issues, but today, we’re going to do something a little different and share an interesting story recently reported by the BBC. Doctors in the western Indian state of Gujarat reported that an infant was just born with 7 fully grown teeth! This captured international attention because there hasn’t been a case like this at any other time in history. What caused this to happen? How is the baby doing now? What does your dentist in Longmont think about it? Read on to learn more.

The Baby with Adult Teeth

Normally, infants are born with absolutely no teeth, which is a blessing for those mothers who choose to breastfeed. Sometimes, you can see the very tips of the teeth in newborns, but they usually don’t fully erupt for a very long time. This particular case in India is special because the teeth were completely out.

Fortunately, this didn’t mean that there was anything wrong with the baby. The pediatrician who examined the baby put it thusly:

“It’s a normal biological process. It happened early in this case.”

Doctors are still trying to figure out what caused this to happen, whether it has anything to do with genetics, the mother’s health during pregnancy, or just plain chance.

The doctor chose to remove the teeth because they were not very firm, and they feared that if one had broken off, it could have gotten stuck in the baby’s windpipe. After a quick surgery, both baby and mom are doing fine now.

Why This is So Strange

Babies typically start to get their first teeth around 4 to 7 months, and they usually come in pairs starting with the two front bottom teeth starting everything off. That means this baby not only had teeth way earlier than normal, but they also had way more. Genetics and human development is a funny thing, and whenever doctors think they fully understand it, something like this happens! I guess this baby just wanted to get a fast start.

You certainly didn’t expect to read about something like this on a dentist’s blog, right? We’re going to include more of these “dental curiosity” stories as time goes on so you can be entertained as well as informed when keeping up with our blog. Stay tuned for the next story later this month!

Of course, while we have you here, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind you to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once, and come see us every 6 months. When was the last time you had a dental checkup? If you had to take time to think about it, then it’s probably time for your next one, so be sure to contact us today for an appointment!

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