What is the Long-Term Value of Dental Implants in Longmont?

February 20, 2019

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It is true that dental implants generally cost more than bridges and dentures upfront. As a result, many people are skeptical at first to consider them to replace teeth, but dentists often note them to be the most cost-effective solution to tooth loss despite this fact. Furthermore, dentures can be made and placed rather quickly, and dental bridges are a fixed solution that last for many years at a time. However, the value that dental implants in Longmont offer is truly second-to-none. Here’s why.

Dental Implants are Cheaper in the Long-Term

It is true that dental implants can cost at minimum several thousands of dollars to place and restore, and that’s not including the preparatory treatments some individuals may need to have completed in order for them to be eligible to receive implants. It is also true that both dentures and dental bridges tend to cost less initially.

But what many people don’t realize is that dentures require replacement every several years. This is because the shape of the mouth is constantly changing when teeth are no longer stimulating the jaw bone underneath. Furthermore, dentures require regular relinings and repairs every few years to ensure comfort and avoid oral sores from developing on the gums.

Dental bridges may be slightly less expensive than dental implants and are fixed for easier maintenance. However, they do not address the underlying issues of bone resorption like dental implants, nor do they last as long on average. You can expect a bridge to last for at least 15 years before needing replacement. Compared to dental implants, which can last between 25 years and a lifetime, that’s a significant difference in longevity.

Oral Care is Easier with Dental Implants

Dentures require a certain level of care to maintain. Removing them, cleaning all the surfaces of plaque, and keeping them soaked in denture cleanser is not a habit some people want to deal with. Furthermore, bridges are fixed for easier cleaning, but flossing underneath them to remove plaque is not nearly as easy as it may sound, at least at first. Dental implants require no special care to maintain, so it’s easy to remove all plaque and food debris from them without worry of complications developing later.

Eating Your Favorite Food Isn’t a Constant Battle

Any denture user knows that chewing certain foods is almost impossible. One moment you’re chewing a piece of food and the next you’re catching your denture as it falls out of your mouth. And even though bridges are fixed and easier to use, they don’t feel quite the same as natural teeth since they only rest on top of the gums.

Dental implants are meant to feel and function as closely to natural teeth as possible. That means chewing your favorite food is no longer a challenge or concern, which may be a big deal for those who enjoy eating out or care about maintaining a balanced diet.

When it comes to value, dental implants still remain the best value even with a high upfront cost. Schedule an appointment with an implant dentist today to learn more about the process!

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