Want a Better Smile? A Cosmetic Dentist in Longmont Can Help

May 15, 2019

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You landed an interview for your dream job. You’re perfectly qualified, you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say, your resume looks astounding. But when it comes to the interview itself, your confidence drops. You’re afraid to smile. If the interviewer sees your stained teeth, he might not have good things to say. You may even miss out on the job altogether. But what can you do? Seeing a cosmetic dentist in Longmont before your next job search may be the perfect option.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth, correcting problems such as:

  • Stained teeth
  • Chips and cracks in teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

These are done through a few different procedures, including:

  • Direct dental bonding to fill in gaps or chips in your teeth
  • Porcelain veneers to hide discoloration
  • Teeth whitening

Boost Your Self-Confidence

If you like the way your teeth look, you’ll want to show them off! You’ll be more likely to smile at people, and in turn they will smile at you. You can improve a complete stranger’s day, all because you now have the confidence to show off your new pearly whites.

Most people will agree that confidence is attractive. If you’re on a date and you frequently smile and show how comfortable you are with yourself, you’re much more likely to get a second date than if you keep your mouth closed all night.

Improve Your Professional Life

Unless you’re a model, your teeth probably don’t play a huge role in your working life. However, they can indirectly contribute to more success.

Not only can confidence in your appearance boost your chances of nailing an interview, it can help you on the job as well. People who smile a lot are deemed as more trustworthy, more likeable, more dedicated to their work, and generally happier.

Protect Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about how your teeth look. Some procedures, such as direct bonding, can have unseen health benefits as well as visible ones.

For example, covering up fractures or cavities with bonding can not only prevent others from seeing them, but it can also protect tooth enamel from further damage. This can help stop bacteria from entering the damaged areas and causing more serious problems.  

If you think you can benefit from a better smile, then it can’t hurt to set up an appointment with your dentist in Longmont. Improve your smile, and other aspects of your life will improve with it!

About the Practice

Dr. James Maurer set up his practice in Longmont, Colorado after visiting the state on ski trips and falling in love with it. His son Dr. Daniel Maurer (also known as Dr. Dan) followed in his father’s footsteps and works here at Longmont Complete Dentistry with him. Together, they offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services and service with a smile, treating every patient like a family member. For questions on their practice, visit their website or call them at (303)-772-7000.

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