How Ill-Fitting Dentures Can Become a Life-Threatening Problem

September 16, 2020

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Did you know the first use of dentures dates back to the 16th century? At the time, wood was used to restore the smiles of patients with missing teeth. Fortunately, they have come a long way since then! Not only are they natural-looking and comfortable, but they are also minimally invasive and can last 10 years. However, if they become loose or don’t fit correctly, they can leave patients vulnerable to life-threatening problems, like oral cancer. Read on for the common causes of slipping dentures and five tips for patients who wear them!

The Link Between Ill-Fitting Dentures and Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the sixth most common form of cancer, with 53,000 cases expected to be diagnosed this year alone. While this serious health concern can affect anyone, those who use tobacco or drink alcohol excessively are the most vulnerable. However, a recent study found that poor oral health, including missing teeth, is linked to a higher rate of oral cancer. While the dentures alone may not lead to oral cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, loose-fitting ones can trap substances like tobacco underneath them. Fortunately, routine dental appointments can lead to early detection and boost the survival rate to above 80%!

What Causes Dentures to Become Loose?

Your natural teeth stimulate your jawbone as you chew your food. On the other hand, dentures do not provide the same stimulus, which leads to bone deterioration. Over time, this can cause your dentures to become loose or ill-fitting, which is why routine appointments to adjust them are crucial. It is important to know that they can also begin to slip if their structure has been warped by hot water or a small crack.

5 Tips for Patients Who Wear Dentures

If you are one of the 120 million Americans who are missing at least one tooth and rely on dentures to help you smile, eat, and speak, then it is important to follow the below tips:

  • Refrain from heavy alcohol use.
  • Don’t use tobacco products.
  • Practice good oral habits (i.e., cleaning your gums daily, disinfecting your dentures regularly, etc.).
  • Attend your biannual dental appointments to address any infections or inflammation.
  • Have your dentures checked regularly.

If your dentures have become loose, it is important not to dismiss them. Instead, speak to your dentist right away about having them adjusted, and refrain from using tobacco products or drinking alcohol excessively!

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