Emergency Dentist in Longmont Can Determine Which Tooth Hurts

May 7, 2018

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woman with toothacheThere is nothing worse than a toothache. It can send waves of pain throughout your face and head. Although the discomfort is often due to a single tooth, it can feel as though your entire mouth is the source of the problem. While you can sometimes determine which tooth is causing the problem, other times it may not be as clear. To better understand why your whole mouth hurts, a new study was conducted to address the issue. With the study’s findings, your emergency dentist in Longmont can better detect the underlying cause to provide you with the relief you need.

Which Tooth Hurts?

In most cases, the brain does a decent job of determining a source of pain, but this may not always be the case when it involves your teeth. In fact, a new study found that an upper toothache can feel like one in the lower jaw. With little understanding of how tooth pain occurs, the results of the study provide key insight to help dentists provide a more accurate treatment plan.

Researchers of the University of Erlanger-Nuremberg in Germany recently delivered sort electrical pulses to the upper or lower left canine teeth of the study’s participants. The brief bursts of stimulation were no more painful than biting on a piece of ice. The participants reported feeling the exact area where the pulses were delivered.

The brain was able to determine where the pain was originating due to the trigeminal nerve, which contains two branches. The V2 branch carries pain signals from the upper jaw while the V3 branch carries those from the lower jaw.

To further test how the brain responds to tooth pain, researchers then delivered the electrical pulses to both the upper and lower canines at the same time. At this point, participants were not able to determine the source of their pain. Instead of it feeling like an individual tooth, their entire mouth hurt.

How Does This Help My Dentist?

With a better understanding of how the brain responds to toothaches, your dentist in Longmont can consider the pathways from the teeth to the brain to help pinpoint the cause of a patient’s discomfort. As a result, they are better able to detect the underlying cause, whether due to a cavity, an infection, or another issue. This allows them to better treat the problem to restore your oral health while also giving you the relief that you need.

Call Your Emergency Dentist

If you develop a toothache, do not wait to call your emergency dentist or you may end up losing your tooth. To stop your pain and to save your tooth, schedule an appointment right away.

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For more than 30 years, patients have chosen Longmont Complete Dentistry to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. In addition to general dentistry, we also offer emergency services. No matter if you have a toothache or a one that has broken, we will treat the problem, so you can get back to your day. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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